All questions, comments and submissions can be directed to and I will try to direct them to the applicable source.

All inquiries concerning the estate of Irwin Klein and the commercial use of his photos can be directed to the Domeischel Galery, their e-mail is, and their website is

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2 Responses to Contact

  1. David Hoffman says:

    Dear Nikolai,

    I left a message about my picture, which is the first photo in your archive of the New Settlers collection. We all look so raw in these pictures. We saw ourselves as building the threshhold of a magical new era, and standing on it at the same time.

    It’s great you put this archive together. I don’t think you and I ever met, but I remember Alan saying you’d been out to stay with him for a stretch.

    Alan was my best friend when I lived in El Rito and the surrounding area. I’d be delighted to hear from him if you can put us in touch.

    David Hoffman
    Santa Rosa, CA

  2. philippa says:

    Nicely done. I like the updated site. Thank you Nikolai

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