We are in the process of forming a cooperative art gallery called the Ashland Painters Union. Our gallery is 20 x 18 feet and is located on the Plaza in Ashland Oregon at 27 1/2 Main, up the stairs above American Trails. Our goal is to provide an alternative art space for the exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs, prints and other forms of fine art (not just paintings!). We are going to try to be open for 2 days a week and exhibit work throughout the year. We will be hosting solo exhibitions, two person shows, and at least three group shows per year. All sales will be split: 75% for the artist, 25% for the gallery. Open call for founding members and supporters are going on now.

Full Members: $100 one time membership fee. $50 a month for gallery maintenance/rent. This entitles the artist to 1 solo show or 2 two person shows per year. 5 hours per month of gallery work is also required. Members are also eligible to submit their work to selected group shows at the gallery.

Supporting Members: $50 annual membership fee. Supporting Members are eligible to submit their work to selected group shows at the gallery. 

Spaces for future shows can be scheduled in advance, but space is limited. If you are interested please e-mail between 5-10 jpegs of your work or a link to your website, and a brief statement including 1) what level of membership you might be interested in 2) what sort of time you can commit to this venture and 3) what skills you might be ale to contribute.

Please e-mail all entries to

Please click the link below to download a pdf of these guidelines:


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